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History of the breed:

The egyptian maus is thought to be one of the oldest ancestors of domestic cats. The egyptians started to domesticate them a few milleniums B.C.
The maus were considered Gods to them. Maus were mummified after death and were honored as true member of their human family. The ritual of mourning were also started after their death.

Maus have been threatened by the war in Egypt and a few maus breeders kept the breed alive in Italy. A Russian Princess exiled in Rome, Natalie Troubetskoy, fell in love with the breed and started a breeding program. She moved to New York in 1956 and brought with her three of her maus introducing for the first time the breed in America.

Most of actual maus are issued from this foundation stock. It took 12 years for the breed to be recognised in cats championship. New import have been mixed later in the breed improving its genes pool.

Maus' caracteristics:

Maus are very intelligent cats who love to play. They tend to be shy of strangers but give a lot of consideration to their human family. They sometime choose only one or specific members as their significant persons. They are active animals and their curiousity bring them in the center of the activities of their family.

They come in three colors accepted in the show ring: Silver, bronze and smoke. Spotting is mandatory, though classic pattern are sometime issued when that recessive gene takes over. Black maus exist also as well as the dilute version of the three recognised colors. Maus have gooseberry green eye that can take up to 18 months to develop fully. They can then have amber eyes earlier in life. Maus usually weight 7 to 11 lbs, females being smaller than males.

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