The Benefits of Massage Therapy on the Body

Massage therapy is an alternative medicine that has been gaining in popularity in a rapid speed. The field of massage therapy has not only grown in size but also in the access to therapists, massage studios and clinics offering massage. There is not any question that most people would want to get a massage. What folks don’t comprehend about massage is that it relaxes the body, mind and spirit and not only feels good, but it actually is healing to soft tissues, muscles and the body.

Massage therapy dates back to the B.C. era to ancient cultures such as Greek, Roman, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian and Mesopotamian. Massage is really all over the world. In China massage is recognized as part of the primary health care and is educated in medical schools. Massage therapy was introduced to the U.S. in the 1800’s. However its progression in the American medical scene has been bumpy and slow. Through the early 1900’s massages impact decreased due to technological progress in medicine, nevertheless massage regained its reputation in the early 60’s and 70’s as professional sportsmen began to use massage therapy within their health routine. One huge hindrance for massage therapy as an alternative medicine and as a profession was the unsavory characters that used massage therapy to advertise services that are sexual.

Buying and selling sex or sexual services is prohibited in the U.S. and several other nations. Overtime, authentic masseurs slowly but certainly regained the standing of massage therapy as a healing treatment that was therapeutic.

Now massage is a huge industry with tens and thousands of restorative work settings, clinics, and schools in addition to licensing and credentialing within each state. Even though massage parlors still exist, their existence remains mainly in the seedy neighborhoods and ghettos. When you mention massage therapy folks now don’t think of sexual favors but instead a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Its admiration has been recuperated by massage therapy through manipulation of the body and muscle tissue as a healing art.

The common individual would tell you that massage therapy involves rubbing against the body with lotion or creme that’s relaxing and feels good. This interpretation of massage, although right in layman’s terms does not clarify what massage therapy is or how it changes the body. Massage therapists manipulate the soft tissues of the body to boost functionality, promote relaxation, reduce muscle spasms, pain as well as inflammation, reduce nerve compression, decrease myofascial trigger points, increase range of motion and joint flexibility, reduce blood pressure, improve posture, calm the nervous system, and improve circulation.

Massage involves manual manipulation of the soft tissue through pressure, strain, motion, and vibration. Based upon particular patient problems will discover the areas a massage therapist will focus on. Techniques could be applied through fingers, the hands, elbows, knees, forearm, or feet contingent upon the type of massage. As well as discovering the specific tissue to target whether lymphatic vessels a muscle, tendon, ligament, skin, joint, connective tissue or organ. There are numerous forms of massage techniques. Some of the common massage techniques include Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, reflexology, medical massage, Ayurvedic, stone massage, Thai massage, and shiatsu.

Although massage is considered a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), it is becoming increasingly portion of the medical world. Massage has a variety of settings including nursing homes, wellness clinics, doctor offices, private offices, health clubs, sports facilities and hospital settings. Massage therapy is utilized in conjunction with some other medical professions such as sports trainers, personal training and chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy.

No matter the reason you get a massage, it truly is a great therapeutic modality to relieve back pain, pressure, anxiety, headaches, neck malady, pressure and several other physical or mental problems. For those who haven’t experienced a massage yet then its time you had one. Lots of people comprise massage in their wellness regimen because it has positive effects on the body but on spirit and the mind also.