Three Things to Keep in Mind Before Your First Yoga Class

Most people on planet Earth have at least heard of the wonders of yoga, an ancient Indian art that has brought peace to the body, mind, and soul over many centuries. With yogis raving about the effects and benefits you can reap from practicing yoga, it becomes tempting to try it out for yourself– and you should! In this world full of noise and stress, it’s important to figure out a way to disengage yourself from earthly worries. Mental clarity, physical flexibility, and a calm spirit all come about from regular yoga. The best way to start pursuing it is to look for a beginner’s class somewhere near you that suits your needs. With yoga’s increasing popularity, this shouldn’t be hard to do– you’ll be signed up for a class in no time!

With that said, it’s important to have the right mindset before going to your first class. Starting on a new endeavor can be a daunting task; there is plenty to keep in mind and it is easy to get rattled, which is the opposite of what you want from practising yoga in the first place! We’ve compiled a list of the 3 best things to keep in mind before attending your first yoga class.

Be Punctual

It goes without saying that you should be on time for every class, but it might be a better idea to arrive 10-20 minutes early for your first class. There might be paperwork for you to fill out, and you could score a first-timers’ discount! More than this, though, is a chance to get a good spot for your mat, as well as to be able to talk to the instructor prior to the class. It is really best not to arrive late because you would be interrupting the flow of the ongoing lesson.

Empty Stomach, Packed Bag

When heading to a yoga class, it’s usually best not to eat at least an hour before you’re due to come in. If you really can’t help it, a banana 20 minutes before class should be all right. It’s difficult to move and flow through poses if your stomach is full, so the emptier, the better.

However, you should come into class well-prepared! A good yoga mat is always a great investment. Most studios and gyms offer mats for rent, but the more hygienic option is to purchase one for yourself. Comfortable clothes should be worn during the class to allow for maximum movement, and a clean towel and change of clothes are essential after a long and strenuous yoga session.

A Beginner’s Mind

Ultimately, while you will be learning many things from your first yoga class, the important thing is to always keep a beginner’s mind. In yoga, no matter how many years of experience you have under your belt, there is always something new to be learned. Come into your first class with a positive outlook; do not clutter your mind with preconceived ideas of what you can or cannot do. Instead, clear your mind and do your best to keep up with what you are learning. Yoga is a practise of non-attachment; any comparisons drawn to others, or even to yourself, will hinder you from being fully focused on what you are doing, from being present in the moment.

Yoga is a journey that can take you anywhere from physical fitness to self-acceptance and love. Your first class is your first step closer to a stronger body, clearer mind, and lighter spirit.